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My Story

It began in high school, since I wanted a head start on my pursued career in nursing, I got my CNA certification through my school's Career Center. I wanted to be a Pyschiatric Nurse because psychology and the mind interested me so much. I wanted to be able to help people who were suffering from imbalances of the mind because I had gone through issues of depression and suicidal thoughts myself, and I even used to harm myself physically. I went through therapy as a teenager, but found that they just wanted to pump me full of prescriptions and I was made to feel that the emotions that I was going through were in some way wrong or needed to be stifled or changed. Really I just needed to be able to express myself, to be heard, which was not something I was able to do at home. Nonetheless, that experience did teach me about the inner workings of my mind, which piqued my intrigue into psychology.

I later enrolled in the Nursing Program at Penn Valley. I learned about the anatomy and physiology of the body ( how the systems work and how the body naturally functions as a whole) as well as psychology and nutrition, and how what we put in our bodies effects the functioning of it, as well as our state of mind. I made the connection that being healthy is all about maintaining balance and equilibrium of these systems.


It was at that point I realized I could do so much more good for people by going the "alternative" route. I looked into different alternative healing forms and I found Massage Therapy.

I attended Heritage Collage for my Massage Therapy degree, where I learned more about pyschology, and the power of the mind, and about emotions and subtle energies, nutrition, herbology, the power of Crystals, Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, Vedic concepts, and even basics of Reiki energy healing and Quantum Physics and how subtle waves of energies and vibrations function. I learned that emotions are Energy, in motion, and that they are meant to be in motion. Emotions that are heavy, dense (of a low vibration) or are too much for the body to process at the time, tend to get stuck, literally in our physical tissues.

In the over 10 years I have practiced Massage Therapy I have become very familiar with the phenomenon of "emotional release", where stuck/trapped emotional energies can be released physically from the body when massaged out, often displaying as crying.

Then I was knocked onto a new course in 2019 when I sustained a crippling injury while jumping on a trampoline. I had injured myself many times in my life, and always bounced back, but this one was different, and forced me to make some changes. I had torn my MCL


in my right knee, and was not able to walk without a walker. The injury was so bad, everyone told me I would need surgery, or life would never be the same for me. This hit me so hard because I was a very active person, and I started to get depressed. I had plenty of down time, so I started diving deep within my own psyche and did a lot of "shadow work". I quieted my mind, meditated, and got more in touch with my inner self and my body, and in doing so I strengthened my intuition. I remembered the incredible power of the mind, and thoughts, as well as the healing power of Crystals, frequencies, vibrations, and Reiki I'd learned years before.

I performed Reiki on myself everyday, I repeated positive affirmations, listened to Binaural frequencies, I ate foods that I felt intuitively guided to, and I used my skills of massage therapy and my knowledge of the body to do my own physical therapy.

After three months I was walking around like normal, with just a knee brace for stability. After 6 months I regained most of the range of motion of my knee and was able to do yoga again. And by 9 months after my injury I was back to weight lifting and my normal workouts.

Because of my determination, positive mindset, and use of healing energies and frequencies and massage, I was able to get my life back.

I became officially certified in Level I Reiki in December of 2019, earned my Level II in 2021 and my Master Level certification in 2022. I then became certified in Sound Therapy in 2023.


The incredible power of Reiki, healing frequencies, and affirmations was pivotal in my healing journey, and continues to validate it's effects in my life every day.


My Approach

I've always been pretty good at finding the root of a problem, whether it be a triggerpoint causing pain in another part of the body physically, or an emotion, where a past trauma comes up "triggering" an emotional wound, it all starts in the energetic field.

Blockages or imbalances, due to stress or trapped/unhealed emotions, can display as pain, dysfunction of the body and it's systems, and lowered immune function, leading to illness and disease. The root of Dis-ease is caused by the imbalances in the natural vibratory states of our body.

Whether by playing singing bowls, tuning forks, or channelling the flow of Reiki, I introduce healing frequencies to the body and mind as an energetic wave, which positively effects the body on the cellular level, and can be felt immediately.

The tools I use include Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls as well as Tuning Forks and Koshi chimes. All of which are attuned to specific healing frequencies that resonate with specific energy centers of the body.

When the body is brought back into it's original, harmonious vibratory state, it is able to repair and heal itself, naturally. My aim is to help bring balance and well-being to your body, mind and spirit, helping you to embody your healthiest self.

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